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Cover Art by Andrea Saltzman

Feeding Time

Pecan Grove Press, 2011
73 pages, $15

ISBN: 9781931247917

"The poems in Feeding Time are unflinching, whether exploring domestic love, boredom, the death of a parent, the beautiful quotidian, or the inner workings of creatures and growing children. It is the 20/20 vision, never wavering, that I admire most—but it is a vision always tender and intimate, and therefore capable of summoning great sorrow and joy in a reader. "The craft shows here, and, as always, original content and delivery that often stuns and always invites us in."
-- Suzanne Berger, These Rooms (Penmaen Press), Legacy (Alice James Press), Horizontal Woman (Houghton Mifflin). Teaches at Lesley University

"In this finely-honed book of poems, Emily Scudder contemplates what feeds the appetites of the body, what nourishes the imagination. Moving deftly between domestic spaces and marine-scapes, the poet catalogues the gritty details of family life right alongside images of unexpected beauty: the underbelly of a horseshow crab, a sleeping lover's blue-jeaned leg, an old Japanese woman in a 'striped farmer's jacket.' Emily Scudder is a wise, wry, fearless observer of life in all its raw and gorgeous forms." 

-- Susan Carlisle, Tufts University


Cover Art by Jeanne Lafferty

​Natural Instincts

Finishing Line Press, 2008
25 pages, $14
ISBN: 978-1-59924-330-X

"In her second chapbook, Emily Scudder shows herself to be a very wise poet. Whether tenderly investigating the souls of sea creatures or the depth of familial love, her quiet wryness is as steadying as it is gracefully surprising."
--Frannie Lindsay, author of Lamb and Where She Always Was.

"In Emily Scudder's poems. "nature rivets," and so does solitude: a room of her own would be the sea, perhaps in the sea for closer observation of the marine life filling this chapbook. Here's a fresh humorous voice often plagued by human domesticities far away from the room, but delighted by the demands made. Throughout Natural Instincts, her wry observing eye is always scanning the horizon for pleasure too. This is a skilled poetic voice honestly assessing and caressing material at the same time."
-- Suzanne E. Berger, author of Legacies, These Rooms, and Horizontal Woman.


Cover photo by Emily Scudder

​A Change of Pace

Finishing Line Press, 2007
26 pages, $14
ISBN: 978-1-59924-151-7

"In A Change of Pace, Emily Scudder ponders the mystery of life in all forms. Writing on subjects ranging from parenthood to horseshoe crabs, cremation to walking in Japan, the poet changes her pace often in energizing, revelatory ways. These poems are wry, erotic, observant, wise."

​-- Susan Carlisle, Lecturer, Program in Writing and Humanistic Studies, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

"Emily Scudder is not afraid to embolden the domestic and everyday with a childlike eeriness. Yet beneath her peacefully eccentric language, a fierce current rips along: of compassion and heartbreaking tenancity - the stuff of sane, wild love."

--Frannie Lindsay, author of Lamb and Where She Always Was.


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